Class Schedule

The following is the list of required courses:

First Year:

            SG102 Gateways

            TH104 God's Plan for the Universe

            SG103 Life of Jacob

            SG101 Faith Crisis

            TH105 Priest Kings of God: Shamar-1

            TH106 Nature of the Kingdom: Shamar-2

            TH101 Demonology-1

            TH102 Demonology-2

            TH103 Demonology-3

            CM101 Pastoral Counseling

Second Year:

            CM103 Missions

            CM106 Call of a Prophet

            CM105 5-Fold Ministry

            CM107 Family Counseling

            SG105 Worldviews-1

            SG106 Worldviews-2

            SG107 Worldviews-3

            BI104 Job

            CM104 EKKLESIA

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