Student Course Information

Student Course Requirements:


1.     Watch the 10-Lecture Sessions & take notes.


2.     Completely read the course textbook/e-book. Students are expected to read each
        textbook before they take their final exam. However, some text books are extensive
        reference books. For these texts, the student is required to read only that information
        that is pertinent to that specific course. Instructions will be posted on the course web

        page alerting the student to this change in protocol when applicable.


3.     Complete all written assignments (applicable to English and post-graduate courses.)


Test Procedures:


   Contact your Pastor to confirm that you have completed the course requirements as

   listed in #1 above and request the following (depending upon your course format):


                                     All Tests Are Open Book Format


   -     On-Line students: Ask for the test access password. You will take your test

         on-line. The test will be automatically scored and a report will be sent to your

         e-mail address as well as the MIT Administrative Office.


   -     DVD students: Ask for the test, which your Pastor will access and download

         from the MIT website. Upon completion of the test, turn it in to your Pastor

         who will score the test using the test key available on the MIT web site. Your

         final score should be e-mailed by your Pastor to the MIT Administrative Office:


                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


         Include student name, ID #, % score attained on the test, and the letter grade

         (10-point scale).


PLEASE NOTE: You will have on-line access to each course for a

2-month period of time. If you require more time, e-mail the MIT

Administrative Office with your request.

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