Faculty Qualification Requirements

1.   All Monteagle Institute of Theology instructional staff must be born-again and must be

      baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.


2.   All Monteagle Institute of Theology instructional staff must hold at least a Masters Degree

      from a secular or Christian institution.


3.   Professors will be recruited primarily from among Apostolic, covenant churches, rather

      than denominations. Those condidates from outside an Apostolic, covenant church will

      be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Regents.


4.   Professors must be actively functioning in a five-fold ministry in a local church



5.   Professors functioning merely as instructors in other educational institutions will not be

      considered for class instruction.


6.   M.I.T. is designed specifically to equip Pastors for five-fold ministry work, and is not

      designed to make a financial windfall. As a result, professors of Monteagle Institute

      of Theology will be instructing as a part of their ministry and will not be paid for their

      services. Professors will be paid by their own local Ekklesia and will use their giftings,

      anointings, and knowledge to enhance their congregation, as well as other churches.


7.   Professors retain ownership of all materials taught and may receive applicable

      compensation for course textbooks, course syllabi, or other course materials.

      However, Monteagle Institute of Theology retains the right to distribute these

      materials, and retains the right to negotiate costs in order to maintain textbook

      and material costs to a reasonable level. All materials will be copyrighted.


8.   The Monteagle Institute of Theology will have a basic Statement of Faith that will

      not be violated instructionally by professors. However, personal variations concerning

      all other doctrine will be welcome and students will have the personal responsibility of

      determining truth.


9.   Monteagle Institute of Theology presents an opportunity for those who are qualified

      and called into the 5-fold ministry, to proclaim their beliefs in the ears of prospective



10.   Monteagle Institute of Theology presents a venue in which our professors may further

        their own calling.



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