Testing Procedures

    1.     All tests will be written by headquarters staff of Monteagle Institute of Theology,

           and not by the course Professor.  This is to insure consistency in testing materials.


    2.     Testing Format:

                    - True False, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blank, and/or Matching

                    - There will be no essay questions.

                    - There will be no trick questions!

   3.     Tests will be open-book format and should be taken under the oversight of the student's
           Senior Pastor.

   4.     The course textbook must be read and all class work completed before the test may be

   5.     On-line student testing procedures:

                    - The student must obtain access to the test using the access code obtained by
                      his/her Pastor.

                    - All tests are open-book and are scored automatically by the on-line testing system.

                    - Final grades will be sent via e-mail to the MIT office and to student.

   6.     DVD student testing procedures:

                    - Tests and answer keys will be accessed by the student's Pastor and tests will be
downloaded from the Pastor Access area on the MIT website.

                    - The completed test will be scored by the student's Pastor.

                    - A copy of the test results will be e-mailed to MIT Administrative Office by the Senior
Pastor. Include the student's name, ID #, % & grade score (10-point scale) and class
                      name and ID #.

                    - Option: The student may take the test on-line if the Pastor has high speed DSL internet
                      at the church. Access for testing in this manner will be the same as for
an on-line student.
and reporting will be done automatically in these cases.

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