Admission Policies

   1.     A student must approved for admission by the Pastor of a covenant church.

           This should be confirmed by the signature of the Pastor as required on the

           Student Application for Admission form.


   2.     Admissions screening will be done by the Board of Regents of Monteagle

           Institute of Theology. The Board has the right to accept or reject a student

           for admission.


   3.     Prospective students in non-covenant, or denominational, churches will be

           allowed admission upon recommendation, and oversight, of a pastor of a

           covenant church. However, each student of this type will be considered on a

           case-by-case basis as per the discretion of the Board of Regents.


   4.     Students will submit a properly completed Student Application Form

           (form 300) to the Monteagle Institute of Theology office.


   5.     Students will properly complete the Request For Previous School Records

           (form 301) for each previously attended school. Please be aware that most

           colleges charge an administrative fee for this service, and a check should

           be enclosed with the request. Requested transcripts should be mailed directly

           from other institutions to the Monteagle Institute of Theology office.


   6.     Administrative files and transcripts will be maintained at the Monteagle

           Institute of Theology office.


   7.     Advanced placement will be based solely on earned educational experience.

           No credit will be given for ministry experience.


   8.     All prospective students who are 20 years old or younger must must have

           a high school diploma, G.E.D., or equivalent in order to be considered for

           entrance into the undergraduate program. This is not required of persons

           over 21 years old.


   9.     No student will be permitted to enroll who is not submitted to a senior

           pastor and is not faithful to a local EKKLESIA.

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