Academic Structure

    1.     Instruction will be multi-media, current technology-based instruction, permitting

           maximum flexibility in scheduling class work as per each individual student's

           scheduling needs.


   2.     There will be no classroom instruction. All courses will be presented in a live

           stream, distant learning, format via the internet, or via DVD.


   3.     The following degree structure will be offered:

               -   Bachelor of Theology        40 courses, or 120 credit hours, (4-year degree)

                  -   Master of Theology           25 courses, or 75 credit hours, (additional 2-year degree)

                  -   Doctor of Theology           10 courses, or 30 credit hours, plus a 100 page Dissertation
                                                                (additional 1-year or more degree)


   4.     If a student has previously earned a degree from a secular, or Christian institution,

           he may immediately begin work on the next higher degree program. For example,

           a student holding a Bachelor Degree from Auburn University or CLST, may begin

           academic work on a Master of Theology Degree.


   5.     There may be a situation where a student has earned enough minimum credit hours

            for work previously completed at other institutions, but has yet to be awarded the

            appropriate degree. In these cases, the student will begin working toward the next

            higher degree, based on credit hour requirements. Upon satisfactorily completing

            6-credit hours (2-courses) at MIT, the student will retroactively receive the appropriate

            degree. Additionally, the completed 6-credit hours of MIT course work will apply toward

            the next higher degree credit hour requirements.


   6.     Courses may be purchased by non-students at a minimal cost, but will not be 

           applicable for course credit toward a degree.


   7.     The first "F" grade for any diploma will count as an audit. However, the course may

            not be repeated by the student.


   8.     Undergraduate degrees will require a minimum of three English classes. These 

            will consist of two Grammer courses and one Composition course. Instruction will

            be focused on properly preparing the student to write a thesis/dissertation document.


   9.     The first "D" grade attained by a student in any diploma level will not be counted. 

            However, the course my not be repeated.


   10.   Graduate level credits will be limited only to students who earn an A, B or C grade. 

            There will be no D or F grades recorded for graduate level course credit.


   11.   All MIT courses are each worth 3-credit hours.


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